I think the lowest I’ve ever been is today. It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow and thought I would splash out and buy a bottle of cheap $6 wine only to have the machine come back with a big fat ‘declined’.

I never realised before moving out how hard life really is. As I’ve chosen to study and further my education I’m basically sacrificing my happiness. I work all day and come home to a town house that probably hasn’t been renovated since the 70’s  with mess everywhere as I have no time to clean. I can’t go for a full time job as I’m only part time doing around 45 hours a week. That means no salary, no sick pay, no holiday pay and  taxed any extra. I have no security, if I get firEd tomorrow I have a $10,000 personal loan and a student loan with nothing to show for it.

if I hadn’t gone to university I could of stayed home and saved up for a car and furniture so I wouldn’t have to get a loan. If I hadn’t decided to go to uni I would have a full time salary job which would give me security and the money to go out atleast once a week. Instead I stay home every night see my friends once a month and work 5 days a week with a Tuesday and Thursday off to clean my crappy townhouse.

You can’t get good money without a degree and you can’t get a degree without good money!