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After all the horrific days Australia has had such as the Sydney siege and the murder of 8 innocent children In cairns I think it’s time to try and focus on the good aspects of what it’s like to live in Australia.

Last night I went to one of my favourite places, the south bank parklands. During Christmas time they set up markets with various different crafts on sale. My inner hippy loves markets. After my purchases of a wooden phone case ( a man had designed intricate hearts on it right in front of me) as well as some hand made soaps and jewellery my boyfriend and I walked over to the massive Ferris wheel opposite the river.

Christmas carols were being sung everywhere from different performers and the wheel was lit up a fantastic red and green, finally it’s beginning to feel like Christmas!

We then walked hand in hand over to the river to watch the amazing firework display before heading back to the car.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve felt the magic of Christmas disappearing. I’m no longer excited for presents or Christmas movies and hot chocolate. But south bank has never failed to bring the magic back. It’s not big and fantastic but it’s definitely one of the reasons why I love to live in Australia.