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I enrolled in a four year bachelor of laws degree at a university close to home last year. I enrolled with the promises of making a lot of money and believed all I would have to do was graduate with the bachelor and endless opportunities would be waiting for me. How very wrong I was.

A bachelor of laws in Australia is becoming a common degree there are hundreds of graduates waiting to find jobs and limited law firms. The idea of working in a firm upon graduating has become non existent.

The more realistic option for law school graduates is to volunteer unpaid at a firm for a while until they deem you fit to employ you. Volunteer placements are also hard to come by. If you cannot find a place at a firm the graduate has no other option but to move into a different area of law altogether, that they may not be remotely interested in.

However if you have the grades you will find the transition from university to a firm much easier. Perhaps the perception of law school portrayed by the movie the paper chase was right you have to fight hard to get the grades to get a job at the end of it.

Currently I cannot dedicate myself fully to the degree as a struggling law student I need money therefore I work full time at a cafe as I live out of home with my boyfriend. Unfortunately for me I don’t have the luxury of not having to work and having my parents pay for everything like some of the students in my course who find the degree oh so easy . I have to work hard to get by and my grades unfortunately slip as I don’t have all day every day to dedicate to my studies

Another issue is my degree is virtually useless in any other part of the world. This means that I won’t have the opportunity to live in another country. Unless of course I don’t want a job. I can’t help but feel a degree in law is a dead end. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem with their degrees ?