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Since the Sydney siege occurred,
one good thing has come from it Australia has fought racism with the #illridewithyou tag and acknowledged that we should not consider something an act of terrorism because the man was Islamic or condemn a race by one mans actions.

However we have shown an incredible lack of faith in our police force. Everyone in particular the media are questioning and picking apart every decision that was made the day/night of the siege.

Many people are asking why they didn’t shoot the man if there was a clear shot. The reason behind this is there were bomb threats, the man said there were two outside of the cafe and two inside. It was also unknown whether there were more then the one man. Also alongside the windows was a human shield of hostages.

If they had shot the man and there happened to be more then one person. The second person could of left off bombs killing and injuring hundreds of people and children. This is obviously too much of a risk.

People are also asking why the army wasn’t involved. The answer is there was a hostage situation and bomb threats therefore they sent in highly trained negotiators and a bomb squad. Why would there be a need for the army?

Instead of picking apart every action of an extremely delicate situation we should appreciate the hard work of the police and understand the amount of pressure they were under as well as how they handled the situation with 15 of the 17 hostages alive after they were told all 17 would be dead by morning.

Just some food for thought.